Athletic Trainer

Formal Title is Athletic Trainer

Reports To

An athletic trainer could report to many people. One of them could actually be the National Athletic Trainer Association. They represent about 39,000 of the 40,000 of the certified athletic trainers.  They also report to team coaches and managers if they are helping a player and tell them the situation. Another person that Athletic Trainers report to is a physician.

Job Purpose

Athletic Trainers are "health care professionals" that talk with physicians and help or rehabilitate athletes that are injured or have a medical condition. They also provide clinical diagnosis and examinations of injuries and again help with treatment. Trainers can work at learning facility like high schools, colleges and universities. But they can also work in professional settings like professional sports teams, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, physicians’ offices, corporate and industrial institutions, the military, and the performing arts or dance academies.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

You specialize or learn how to prevent an injury or re-injury and according to the National Athletics Trainer Association (NATA), "ATs improve patient functional and physical outcomes" meaning they tech patients how to 'function' properly and work and move properly so it improves their physical outcome, so they don't get hurt again.


Education: AT's must graduate from an "accredited baccalaureate or master’s program", says NATA, "70 percent of ATs have a master’s degree." But the minimum entry into Athletic Training is a baccalaureate level education. All education programs for AT's will lead to an Athletic Training Degree.

Technology Skills: Must have good typing skills for use with computers and communicating. Also must know how to use medical equipment or use technology when running tests.

Abilities: According to NATA the abilities needed for Athletic Training are

1. Understanding, applying, and analyzing

2. Knowledge and decision-making

3. Special performance abilities.

And the top 3 skills needed according to MyMajors you need to have; Monitoring skills, Critical Thinking skills, and active listening skills.

Personal Characteristics: You have to be responsible when working in this field because you are caring for another person and they are you responsibility to help get better. You have to be calm because you are going to be in stressful situations where you need to act and think quickly. You need to be flexible, like if your helping care for more then 1 person, you need to know how to adapt. Of course a big characteristics you need to be an athletic trainer would be you have to be caring , you have to understand the feelings of the patient and be kind.


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