2/11/15 - #SJSreports - Obama's REAL Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

Believe it or not, Barack Obama completely supports same-sex marriage. Although, when Obama, the US Senator at the time, campaigned for the 2008 president, political advisors told him not to show his support for it. Instead, the political advisors had him say that he was considering it. The Republicans and Democrats suspected that he wasn't telling the truth, and they were correct. An Obama strategist, David Axelrod, says Obama supported same-sex marriage, but only when fringe Democratic candidates supported it, and when opposition to gay marriage was very strong in the black church.

This incident wasn't brought to attention in the 2008 elections, but was the top topic in the 2012 campaign instead, winning him another 4 years as president. His support for same-sex marriage helped gamer supporters, for the most part black americans.

The Atlantic writes, because of Obama, it's unthinkable for a Democratic nominee in the elections to oppose same-sex marriage, and Republicans are now "evolving" around it.

Now that Obama has come through and shown his support for same-sex marriage, his chances of winning the next election have a good chance of increasing. Obama will be thought of differently, as someone who supports and treats others equally, even if they marry someone of the same sex.

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In this ABC News Broadcast, Obama speaks with Robin Roberts about his support for gay marriage. He includes in-depth details about things like why people who are gay should be treated fairly and equally.

In this New York Times article, we're told all about 'Believer,' a memoir about Barack Obama written by a man named David Axelrod.

In this Politico Article, we're told with proof from a BuzzFeed News interview with Obama that he didn't lie about same-sex marriage.