Espar Diesel Heater - The Best Choice For Reliability And Cost

Espar is a reputable manufacturer of heating systems for automobiles, and its products are among the most highly recommended options in fuel heating systems. The Espar diesel heater is particularly known for the savings that they provide to owners and operators of heavy duty and commercial vehicles. The Espar AirTronic air heater is able to function without relying on the engine and the vehicles own heat balance. It works by drawing in outside or cool room air, heating it up, and delivering it inside the vehicle. This kind of technology gives commercial vehicles a more low-cost solution to achieving ample and comfortable heat.

Installation Instructions

Espar air heaters are easy to install. They can be installed in the trunk, within the cab, or under the floor. The heaters have advanced features for ease of use, like the Espar timer, which is practical for better control and easy adjustment to achieve the best level of comfort. Espar AirTronic D2 is a type of diesel air heater that emits 7,500 BTU of clean and comfortable heat. It is used for bunk heating in commercial vehicles, especially heavy-duty trucks. Its heat output is higher than conventional diesel heaters. The additional standard fan-mode makes is useful, even for conditions when air circulation may be better than heating.

What Comes with the Kit?

An Espar diesel heatercomes with a complete installation kit. A basic kit would provide the Digi-Max controller, heater, mounting hardware kit, all the ducting, and the fuel system.

The AirTronic truck kit that comes with the Digi-Max controller is one of the best kind of heater control systems that is unique to Espar. Hence, the Espar AirTronic is easy to set with its digital display, adjustable auto shutoff, ambient air temperature sensor, records maintenance, adjustable low voltage protection, and displayed troubleshooting tips.

The Hydronic D5 is an Espar diesel heater that can generate 17,500 BTU of heat for a faster way to pre-heat a commercial vehicle during the coldest winter days. It has a timer, so it can be programmed to start working an hour before you need to use the vehicle. The Hydronic D5 pre-heats the entire cooling system for an easier start. Moreover, the system can provide instant cab heat and defrost the window.

Where to Buy

Look for an authorized dealer of heaters from this brand. The dealer must provide everything from sales, service, to parts. Appropriate warranties should likewise be provided.

About the company-

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