The Bill of Rights

The Third Amendment
By: Shawn B

Quartering Soldiers

Think Q for 3!

What is it?


No citizen is required to house a soldier without their consent.

What does this mean?

Soldiers still can be housed in private homes, but only with the homeowners consent.

Why was this Proposed?

Think back to the time of the Revolutionary War, when citizens in the Colonies were required to house British Soldiers in their homes. These soldiers often stole from the home owners, as well as doing many other things.

Would you want this to happen again?

This is exactly what the citizens did not want to be repeated. So they decided a way to keep this freom happening was to place it into the Constitution for the United States.



In the year of 1791.

What did this Ratificaton change?

First off, in times of peace the consent of homeowners is required to house soldiers in private housing.

Second off, in times of war no troops will be housed unless procedign through the legal procedure.

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