My Favorite Season

BY: Noah Armstrong

  You see the bright untouched snow on the ground. The smoke coming from your neighbors chimney. You see sleds when you are at the store. You see the air coming out of your mouth. You see a brand new christmas tree.

You hear the kids laughing sledding down the hill. You hear the crunch of your foot steps on the snow. The crackle of the fire in your house. You hear the screech of excitement when the kids see their Christmas presents. You can also hear the resolutions of families on New Year’s Eve.

You feel the cold snow on your fingers. You also feel the hot chocolate on your lips. The hard snow when you go sledding. The warm fire after playing in the snow. You feel the soft snow after a brand new snow storm.

You smell the cold air. You also smell the warm chilli cooking. The smell of a Christmas tree. The smell of a warm hot chocolate. The smell of your wet coat after playing in the snow.

You taste the hot chocolate in your mouth. You taste the hot spaghetti on a cold night. You taste the hot potatoes for breakfast. You could taste the cold snow after you eat some when you are sledding. You can taste the pork on Christmas Eve.

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