BY.Brianna Stai

Frozen is a high flying, sad, romantic, musical, adventure, comedy film, of 2 sisters Elsa and Anna, Elsa has to keep a secret from Anna about her ice powers, even though its hard for her it is to protect Anna. When the gates open Anna wants to find true love and so she does. When she meets Hans she thinks they are meant to be, also Elsa has to protect her ice powers from hurting anyone in the kingdom. Thats about to change. When Elsa reveals her powers she runs away to a mountain where she can be alone without hurting anyone. With the help of an ice man Christoph, a snowman named Olaf, and a reindeer named Pshen they find that not all princesses need a knight in shining armor to protect them, its the power of sisterly love.:) So go and see the new movie Frozen, i think you will laugh, cry, and just be touched.

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