David Shulick - One Thousand Mourners

David Shulick is a Philadelphia lawyer who established a foundation in memory of his mother, who died in tragic circumstances shortly before he entered law school.

He was completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Accounting at the University of Delaware in 1991, when his beloved mother was involved in a fatal automobile accident. The car in which he was a passenger was broadsided by another car. She was taken by helicopter to a hospital but her injuries were too severe; she passed away the next day, before David Shulick had a chance to come to the hospital. More than one thousand mourners came to her funeral, and heard him deliver her eulogy at the age of 21.

"This experience shaped my life and career in many unique ways," David Shulick says today, "including the passion for making the most out of every opportunity I am presented with, given life's unpredictability and potentially short time span." He had a difficult first year at Temple Law. "There were many life altering distractions that most first-year law students did not have to address." But he received the Distinguished Class Performance Award for outstanding oral advocacy, and participated actively in the Moot Court Program where he won several competitions. He also took part in Temple's highly regarded National Integrated Trial Advocacy Program.

In the years since, David Shulick has devoted much of his personal and professional life to the memory of his beloved mother. He established the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation and has made substantial contributions to the causes that meant the most to her, and continues to do whatever he can to perpetuate her memory and her name.