Pop Music History 50's & 80's

By: Mayra Zavala, Karen Hurtado, Taliana Bell, Luis Colorado, Evan Ost

50's artists

  • Frank Sinatra with the song "Fly Me to the Moon"
  • Johnny Mathis with the song "The Dark Side of the Moon"
  • Eddie Fisher with the song "Oh My Papa"

80's artists

  • Michael Jackson with the song "Beat It"
  • Madonna with the song "Like a Prayer"
  • The Go-Go's with the song "We Got the Beat"

The two decades were different because the 50's style was slower in tempo and the 80's started speeding things up. Their

similarities are that they both are catchy.


Clothing: Women wore gloves with their dresses and their full skirts. They also had casual sportswear for both men and women. The men wore suits. The teenagers became a force in fashion.

Events: Jonas Salk announces the development of a polio vaccine and Elvis Presley made his first appearance.

President: Harry Truman. The economy prospered after World War II.

Popular Genres: 50's Rock n' Roll


Clothing: Really bright, colorful clothes or very dark gloomy ones with very big hair styles.

Events: Pope John Paul the 2nd was shot in 1981. Pacman was created. Chernobyl explosion.

President: Ronald Reagan.

Rock was also popular with bands such as Kiss.

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