Gabriela hernandez

1st hobby : books

Books are my past time when I cant read online I read a real book in silence . Books let me past time when i have nothing to do at home I read books and drink tea

2nd hobby

Hetalia is a anime where all countries become real people and it teaches the people who watch it about world history in a really funny way with stero types! Anime is japanese cartoons but it can be glory like corpse party because in japan 13 year olds are consisdered adults.

Walking and hiking
3rd hobby

Pena Adobe is a place i go hike when i have nothing to do i often walk around my neighborhood when my parents cant take me there I often walk to find a reading place and read in silence

4th hobby

I also draw , This is a picture of a titan for AOT and im also drawing a charecter for AOT.

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2 years ago

your drawings are very good