The precautions of AIDS

Due to the fast spread of HIV/AIDS, and without specific medicine.But, as long as to take certain precautions, can be reduced the incidence.

1. Strengthen monitoring and quarantine of HIV/AIDS.

Due to the implementation of China's opening-up policy, increasingly frequent contacts with foreigners, and then the number of entry also rose sharply, which requires the health and quarantine departments, strict inspection on immigration,For those entry personnel of HIV antibody positive resolute don't allow entry.

2. Strengthen the management of public security.

Strictly outlaw prostitution and whoring, sexual contact with foreigners should be tested for HIV test -

of antibody.Resolutely put an end to sexual contact with HIV antibody positive or AIDS patients, should avoid pregnancy who is infected with HIV/AIDS.

3. Eliminate the phenomenon of intravenous drug abuse

Intravenous drug addiction, in particular, does not share needles, syringes and drugs.Don't use common toothbrush, razor, or other items that may be contaminated with blood.

4. Strengthen the management of blood products

For all blood donor, must carry on detecting antibody Strict, everyone who is antibody positive should be resolutely banned providing blood, plasma, organs, other organizations or semen.Especially to strengthen the detection of imported blood products, contaminated blood products into the Treasury are prohibited.

5. Strict disinfection, avoid iatrogenic infection

Medical workers in contact with AIDS patients, should wear protective clothing, gloves, to prevent using needles and medical device machine wound skin.Avoid direct contact with the patient's blood, body fluids, pollutants.The patient's clothes and items available 1:10 bleach or 1:10 sodium chlorate liquid disinfection.A patient's secretions and excretions and discarded items need to be in sealed plastic bags.

6. For close monitoring of high-risk groups and Serum detection

China's current focus detection object is;(1) patients with application of imported blood products, especially during the period of 1981 to 1984, used to import the first Ⅷ factor of hemophilia patients;(2) with foreign visitors or other foreign students have had sex;(3) the foreign guests live in China and foreign students to China for a long time visitors (especially from a place with high incidence of HIV/AIDS);(4) the long-term foreign personnel, labor, especially foreigners have transfused blood or blood products) and foreign personnel;(5) some marginal areas of ethnic minorities;(6) contact with HIV/AIDS patients and HIV antibody positive.

7. Vigorously popularize AIDS knowledge, to do propaganda work

There is no sign that the AIDS virus is through saliva, tears, sweat, shake hands, hug or insects be infected that the AIDS virus is not transmitted by contact with daily life.