a workshop, tasting &
celebration of local cheese

Friday, Feb. 14th
The Slovenian National Home Kitchen

They are creamy and buttery, sharp and nutty, or briny and tangy. To fully enjoy countless varieties of these milky gems, mastering the anatomy of the cheese plate is key. Say goodbye to packaged cheese cubes or pre-made grocery platters, and say hello to your very own local cheese board! Ditch dinner and a movie this Valentines Day and enjoy an evening as you indulge yourselves into the fine and delicious world of local cheese. Join us, along with Cleveland’s food enthusiast, Kari Moore, for a palette- pleasing workshop exploring local artisan cheeses by learning, tasting, and making.

As you sip on a glass of wine, Kari will share her wealth of knowledge about a variety of local, artisan cheese through an informative and mouthwatering tasting. You’ll then use your taste buds and Kari’s tips as a compass to design and build your very own gourmet cheese board. And, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day by getting your hands cheesy together and making Kari’s savory, secret cheese spread? Top off the perfect evening, as you test your knowledge and taste buds and make your own cheese board complete with a wine pairing.

Register now because you know there will be several boyfriends, girlfriends husbands and wives who will be scrambling at the last minute!

Register at www.theaccle.com

$75 per person