Session 1

In session one I learned what robots mean and how they work. I found advantages and disadvantages of the using robots. I then learned about SAM the robot in the picture above. I learned how I would control SAM for later on it the sessions.

Session 2

In session two I learned how to control SAM. I also learned how to make him pick up an object. Next I got to use SAM and make it pick up an object, in this case a plastic ball. Lastly i learned how to change SAM's movements in what he does.

Session 3

In session three I learned more about the touch sensor and how it works. I also learned how to work the NXT brick. I then learned how to properly use the NXT program. I used the NXT program to move the robot used in this session.

Session 4

In session four I learned how the touch sensor worked and how it is used on the robot. I learned how to make the the brick to were the robot senses the vibrations in order to move away from the object in the way. I had also learned how vibrations are the way the automatic doors move at certain stores.

Session 5

I learned about the If, Then, Else logic statement and how it works. I then learned about the sound sensor and how it works, I got to go on to the NXT brick and set it to were the robot would sense the sounds instead of touch. Next I learned how computer programs functioned/worked. Lastly I was able to successfully run the NXT Brick program.

Session 6

In this session I learned how a light sensor worked. I then learned how to create a light sensor and the NXT Brick. Lastly I successfully ran the NXT Brick using the light sensor.

Session 7

In this session I learned how to combine multiple sensors. I also created a program using a task using all the sensors.

A Career In The Field Of Robotics

   In robots you can learn the way a robot works and how they help us in today's society.

   If you have ever been interested in working for NASA robots is a great choice to study or work in. NASA uses robots to test research or to study them.

   "The Computational Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center has a long history and extensive experience in field robotics and human/robot field testing. Ames has been running robotic field experiments in planetary analogue sites since 1993, and has the staff and expertise to design and build robotic test platforms and embedded control systems." ~NASA Website

    Therefore, if you want an idea in fields for robotics NASA is a great example. There are many other options such as working in a factory or engineering.

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