How I portray myself is I am unique and weird because I make people laugh and smile. I am also nice to others because whenever someone needs help or someone to talk to I will be there for them. I am respectful because whenever somebody asks me to do something I will do it. When there are rules I follow them.

If I could portray a different persona I would be more outgoing because I am usually shy and sometimes it effects my daily life when talking to people or meeting new people. I want to be more energetic because I am kind of lazy and I want to be more fit and healthy. I want to be more focused in school because if I am not then it could effect my marks.

I would like people to see me as a nice, respectful, smart, and funny person because I want to leave a good legacy and for people to see me as a good person.The legacy I think I am leaving at Allan Drive is good because I think I am a good student and a good person.

On Instagram my digital footprint shows that I am happy, that I have fun, and I like to hang out with my friends. On Facebook I mainly post pictures for my mom to see because she likes to see what I am up too but it mainly shows that I have fun with friends and that I am happy.

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