Uranus' Unknown Brother

By Panayioti

John Couch Adams

John Couch Adams was born in Launceston, Cornwall, England, on the 5th of June 1819. His middle name:Couch, in the Cornish language is pronounced 'cooch'. John died in  Cambridge on the 21st of January 1892 with 32434 pounds. During Mr Adams' amazing life he studied at St. John's College and Cambridge University. He became a fellow in 1843 and was dubbed Professor of astronomy and geometry in 1858.

John Couch Adams found that Uranus was acting very strangely, John knew the only answer was another planet affecting Uranus' orbit. Mr Adams investigated and only using maths he predicted Neptune's position. He took his research to Sir George Airy so he could see Neptune through Mr Airy's telescope. George refused Adams' request.

Meanwhile in France a mathematician named Le Verrier was working on the same thing. Le Verrier took his notes to an astronomer but was also refused. One day Johann G. Galle accepted the duo's predictions and was the first to spot Neptune in 1846.

Due to the duo's work people now understand the weird movements of Uranus is a non-lethal gravitational pull from Neptune. If Neptune hadn't been discovered its storms wouldn't have been analysed and we wouldn't know that Neptune has the fastest winds in our solar system.