NFL star faces child abuse charge

Viking Star Adrian Peterson turns himself in, freed on bail

A football player in the Vikings, Adrian Peterson, was issued for abusing his son. To punish his son, he grabbed a tree branch and struck the child repeatedly. Even though, he claims his innocence, his son was injured severely by having cuts and bruises all over his body. Peterson faced charges for his actions; being banned from all team activities including the games, paying 15,000 dollars for bail.

Ideals that are related to this event

Equality and rights are related to this event

Every human beings are equal and children should be treated just as equal as to the adults. However, Adrian Peterson abused his 7 year-old son and treated unequally by injuring him severely. Instead he should have treated his son equally and have disciplined him verbally. Therefore, I believe that this current event is related to Equality. Furthermore, his son also has the rights to be respected. But Peterson has violated this right by abusing him. Thus, this current event is related to equality and rights.

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