Video Game Developer

  • A video game developer would usually report the publisher of the game because their the ones who fund the game so it could be created.
  • This job exist because lots of people require entertainment and some find it in reading, sports or movies. But some people don't have the patience so they can get sucked into another world and if they want to quit they can pick up where they left off. Its like a interactive movie you can watch the story progress while making it your world. You can chose the characters fate in some games and game can provide a long or brief moment of entertainment.
  • Some of the jobs duty's or responsibility's are creating a story line and creating the characters biography/background. Making design reviews and creating prototypes for staff and management.You also have to be able to document game design progress.
  • The typical required amount of education is at least a bachelors degree if you want something simple. Some majors you would need are computer science, software engineer, mathematics or computer information systems. Also programming language and knowing different computer systems is really good. Some of these are also required for tech skills required.
  • Some tech skills needed are above but others are being able to use other computer software. You have to be able to code and program the game and work on the video games graphics. You also have to have some skill in animation to bring the game to life you also need some software program. You also need to have an understanding of the console your game is on. If your game is avalible to multiple platforms than you have to make sure you make the game based around that.
  • Some ability's and personal characteristics are having some artistic flare, commitment and understanding new technology and good communications skills. You have to understand color and form, have an aptitude for drawing and being able to work in a team. You also have to problem solve to fix bugs and glitches and you have to be able to time manege. Organization and teamwork are also very important.


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