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5 iOS apps that can be used for K-12 learning


What is it? Alphabytes is an iPad app that is used to help young children learn and familiarize themselves with the alphabet, as well as learn about writing, spelling, and memorization. It is an interactive app that early learners will have lots of fun with!

How can it be used? This app would definitely be most helpful in a lower elementary classroom (i.e. kindergarten/grade one). A teacher can plan a lesson around this app where they begin by introducing a letter and then allowing their students to trace the letter right on their iPads. They can also play a matching game where they match the letter with the picture. For example, if the card they flip over is an E, then they would try to match it with the card that has an elephant on it.

Oh No Fractions!

What is it? This iPad app allows students to practice and explore fractions. They can compare fractions to see if they are less than, greater than or equal to each other and they can also figure out if a fraction can be reduced or simplified.

How can it be used? Oh No Fractions would be great for children in elementary school. More specifically, a teacher can use this app to demonstrate the relationship fractions have with one another. For example, if a teacher wants to show their students that 1/2 is bigger than 1/3, then they could simply use this app which is more visually appealing and engaging than using a typical whiteboard.

Frog Dissection

What is it? Frog Dissection is a "greener" alternative to the usual frog dissection. Using an iPad, students are able to do a virtual dissection of the animal the same way they would do a normal dissection, minus the mess. As well, images of the internal organs are in 3D so students are able to visualize the dissection better.

How can it be used? This app would definitely be geared towards a high school bio class when dissections usually occur. I think Frog Dissection is a great app to use for students who feel uncomfortable with the idea of dissecting a real organism. Or a teacher could use this app to demonstrate to their entire class that real organisms do not have to be harmed in order to study them. Plus, it will save lots of time for preparation and clean-up!

DK Readers

What is it? DK Readers is an app that can be used to get children excited about reading. It contains a wide variety of topics for many age levels. When children feel comfortable at a particular reading level, they are able to move up to the next level which allows them to develop their reading skills.

How can it be used? I think this app would be really useful for elementary school teachers. They can use it to develop confident readers at all grade levels. A teacher could set aside time each day to allow their students to read stories at their level using this app and then watch them progress. DK Readers would make it easier to track the improvement of students because teachers can easily see how their students have moved from one level to the next just by seeing the types of books they have added to their virtual bookshelf.

The Math Tree

What is it? The Math Tree is a fun and interactive app for younger kids to learn about early arithmetic. Children are able to add and subtract birds and fruit which makes addition and subtraction more exciting! Also, they can learn early counting skills in a more engaging way.

How can it be used? I would recommend this app for teachers who are teaching lower elementary such as kindergarten or grade one. Math is a subject area that some children struggle with and if a teacher can find a fun and intriguing way of teaching it, then why not use it! A teacher can create an addition and/or subtraction lesson around this app because the visuals and hands-on activities may make it easier for a student to grasp the concept.

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