Gas Vans

By Jake Lyman

- Gas vans were introduced because of fatigue when the Nazis were walking and the horr of actually seeing the killing and doing the killing of the adults and children.

- Gas trucks were hermetically sealed truck engines with the exhaust diverted to the interior compartment.

- Gassing proved to be less costly.

- Not one gas van was extant at the end of the war. The existence of gas vans first came to light in 1943 during the trial of Nazi collaborators involved in the gassing of 6,700 civilians in Krasnodar.

- In this video the people are talking about the Gas Vans, they explain why they were built, why they should be and when they should. What affect they would have on the Jews and how this would be more effective.

- Some main problems with the Gas Vans was that it was slow to kill the people inside, it took about 20 minutes to kill them. Also it was not quiet, drivers could hear the people inside screaming. It was often distracting and disturbing.

- One application of the Nazis' gas van became known in 1943 after the trial of members of crimes against humanity committed in the territory of the Krasnodar Territory of the USSR, where about 7,000 civilians were killed by gas poisoning. It was a vehicle with an airtight compartment for victims, into which exhaust gas was piped while the engine was running. As a result, the victims were gassed with carbon monoxide, resulting in death by the combined effects of carbon monoxide poisoning and suffocation


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