Tornadoes are a vortex with deadly fast winds, having an appirence of a funnel shaped cloud. Most of the time rain is involved but not much

hat a tornado looks like

How do Tornadoes Form?

tornadoes form by air above the cloud (usually when cold and warm air meet) spins around pushing itself downward. alot of times the air has to be moist. For example the gulf of mexico has moist air. Most Tornadoes arn't visible untill the suck something up

How a tornado forms

History of Tornadoes

TOrnadoe 75+ years ago:

Maple grove: Deaths 11, injured 222

tornado 10 years ago

Moore tornado: deaths 24, Damage on property 2 billion$ worth

Impact on Human Life

There isn;t much that you can do to protect yourself. One mojor thing that you can do is make sure you know what your doing and go to a safe spot with no windows. Make sure that you have a tornado siren iin your own to warn you about tornados.make sure that you are listening to the radio for latest updates on the tornados


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