I live with my mom and dad, both of my grandmas are alive and so is my grate grandma, i have a sister and a half brother. I like to draw some times and I like to go shopping I like being able to spend someone elses mony other than my parents.

3 Intiresting things about me

My faveret color

I have a Miniture pincher

Purple is the best color in the world :)

She's my baby and here name is Kammy

I like music from the early 2000s

I like songs from the early 2000s like:

Bring me to life by Evanescence, Follow me by Uncle Kracker, A Thosend Miles by Venessa Carlton, Angle by Shaggy, Holiday by Green Day and stuff like that :)

My Goals

I want to go to Germany


Iv allways wanted to go to Germany because im mostley German and it would be SOOOOO AWSOME. Also i want to learn how to speak German I know some German words like Ja and danke.

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