The wanted

by casey Ayala  
assignment for - core 3 ms ross

Characters -

superior - Kylee herron

inferior - Valentina Franco

Mr Herron - Kylee's dad ( owner and manager at watts for desert )



Scene 1 -

Narrator - As Valentina Franco walks into Watts for desert company (her usual routine every day ) she notices a help wanted sign . She walks in and gets a meeting with the manager the following day . A couple days later she is hired . Little did she know what she will find at the store the next day .

(Valentina walks into Watts for dessert and see's Kylee Herron the girl who hated her guts ,since the 5th grade . )

Kylee- ( shouts out ) Hey , Valentina (mischievous smile )

Valentina - h-e-eyyy , Kylee ( nervous talk )

Kylee- What brings you over here , i taught maybe you will be at brain camp this year ?  (moving toward the register handing back the women her change whom purchased a blueberry cupcake . )

Valentina - um, well i saw yesterday the wanted sign and i got an interview with your father and he hired me . And no brain camp this year was canceled because of some equipments were not functioning right . ( stay where she was unsure if Kylee would let her work at all . )

(silence )

Valentina - well (moving past Kylee ) i really need to start working , your father will get mad at me if i don't start plus i should have 10 minutes ago .

Kylee -  ok

( 4 hours later - watts for desert is about to close . )

narrator - While Valentina gets her things to head out ,she cant believe her ears and mouth that Kylee Herron the most popular girl through high school was being actually nice to her . Kylee hated her because of her looks , she didn't know why , she just did . She never paid no mind to it though .

Scene 2 -

narrator - The next day , Valentina was in for the worst day of her life . As she walks in to sign up she notices kylee crying . She was talking to Belinda - the girl in charge of cleaning after every one .

( Quickly Valentina rushes towards Kylee immediately after seeing her .  )

Valentina - kylee, are you okay ( she looks at her confused and unawared on the situation .

Kylee- NO!!!!(shouts ) my birth necklace is gone , i cant find it anywhere . (she cried more than she was already ) . If i dont find it , my dad is going to kill me . That necklace is the only thing that i have left of my mom since she has passed away .

(Mr. herron walked in and looks at kylee directly and notices kylee crying more than usual , and asks her what is wrong and what had happened .)

Kylee- oh , daddy (immediately hugs him ) its awful , my birth necklace is gone ... missing ( cries louder but sounds fake )

Mr . Herron - gone ? (he looks at her shocked more than her ) but .... where could it have gone missing ?

Kylee - dont know , the last time i saw it was next to my office where mom's picture is . I had to take it off because i was helping Belinda with the frosting .

Mr. herron - well let's not waste our time and let's looked for it (he looked at every one to contribute as well . ( He had closed the shop so we could help find kylee's necklace . )

narrator - As soon as he said that ,everyone started looking every where , from desk to floor , corner to corner and everywhere .No less than 20 minutes of searching the whole company ,they has found the necklace ,but unfortunately , the staff had found the necklace but hidden in Valentina desk .

Valentina - WHAT ! WHAT ! i swear to my family i didnt do this ( she was shocked )

Mr . herron - ( looked suprised ) ( did not say much he just pointed a finger towards the door )

narrator - As valentina left wattz for desert , she wondered now how she will support her family with no money .After valentina , Kylee was suprised herself that her planj worked out but also she had a little guilt right inside that hurted and could not leave her alone .

                 1 week later

narrator - Kylee had spotted Valentina , her guilted stomach twisted return ( every time she saw or heard about Valentina ) . She knew was she did was wrong but she could not stands how every one gives her a complement .Finally after a long time of thinking  , she went up to Valentina  and confess the whole thing since the beggining . She also confesses to her father , which in no good luck he took away her car ,phone , and some other stuff away from her untill she was doing better . This happen for at least a 5 months and Kylee understood of the things she had done wrongly .

Kylee- so your not mad at me ?

Valentina - why would i ?

Kylee - Because i made my dad fire you and because of me you didn't have enough money to your family .

Valentina - well , yea but ... its okay .

Kylee- how would you not complain or report it at all knowing that i got ou fire drom the only job you had sustainable .

Valentina - because where i come from people who did this would not confess nor pay at all .

Valentina - well ......... i have to go I forgot i had to get to work in no later than 5 minutes its been 4 .

(Valentina waved to Kylee )

narrator - After misunderstandings both these girls became really close friends who had each others back all the time . Valentina got her pay and her job back at Watts or dessert and after all the things she did kylee was happy Valentina worked there after all .

                         The end

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