is Canada the best place to live

I think that Canada is the best place to live since the amount of changing populations. Since there is only 30 million Canada, can get more immigrants to boost our population and if they have special skills that we need that will become a great boost to our economy. i think we should both proud and yet ashamed of Canada's immigration history. we sould be ashamed of Canada immigration history since what happened to maila bibi she escaped from her home country with a legal refugee claim, facing honor killing, later she escaped to Canada but the judge dismissed her claim to stay here an now she has returned to her home country and now facing honor killing. we can also be proud of Canada immigration history since we helped those refugees escaping war to having safety here in Canada. this is why i believe we should be proud and dissapionted in our immigration history.


another reason why Canada is the best place to live because of the physical environment. In Canada we use the environment and our raw material without harm of the environment and nature. This is protects our environment to our future generations could also use it.

Primary Resources

they are many types of primary resources in Canada such as energy, fishing, forestry, mining, and farming. Many of which we use as trade to other countries. Keeping our primary resources alive for future generations is a challenge most countries face but if we use it wisely than it can be preserved.

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