We are going to talk about “floggers”, a tribe who has its origins in Argentina, and later it expanded to Latin America. The floggers are a group of people who are related to Fotolog.com, a website where photos are uploaded and where users can comment on them. We choose them because we live in the same moment that this tribe appeared

. Also, we have to accept that we were, somehow, part of this tribe, because we dressed like them and danced their music, the electro. In addition, the tribe was originated in Argentina, so it’s part of our culture and our history. There are some details that people must know.

These peope were dressed in a very particular way. The wore a colorful shirt with V-neck, skinny colourful jeans and trainers with fluoro laces.

Their hair was long bangs covered their foreheads. They where extremely criticized by many sectors of society. They suffered physical attacks and verbal violence, to the point of death, in te case of a young man from Cordoba.

This is because their main purposo were to become famous, published many pictures up on different web pages.

In conclusion, we don´t like this tibe because of its objective. The purpose is highly silly and unuseful.

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