Coordinate Geometry Project

Goal: The student will be able to use knowledge of area and coordinate planes to create their own room.


  • The area of your room must be 300 ft^2. (may not be any wider than 30 feet)
  • You and your partner need to agree on a theme for your room. Ex. Man Cave, game room, arcade room, art studio, etc.
  • You may put whatever you want in your room.
  • In order to make sure that everything fits, you will need to look up sizes online. For example: If you want to put a couch in your room, go to and find the couch that you would like and find the dimensions of it.
  • You will need to draw your room on the coordinate plane that is given to you in class. Each square represents 1 ft^2.
  • Once you have gotten your drawing finished you may get on Homestyler and try to make your dream room come alive (in 3-D, on the computer).

    Need some ideas: watch the video below!

  • THIS PROJECT IS DUE ON 12/2, by 2:20 PM

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