Zackery Thompson

Hi my name is zack, to tell you a little about myself I love the outdoors and i'm really into hunting and fishing. I'm the youngest of three and i live alone with just my mom and step dad. I also love cooking a lot, I want to go to college to be a chef. My favorite types of foods include anything spicy, steak, and tacos. I have only two favorite colors, the first one is gray and the second one is purple.

Three Things About Me

I love hunting it runs in the family and its kinda in my blood. I go hunting every year for the past 8 years of my life. There are a couple different types of animals I hunt for and they include white tail deer, ducks, pheasant, and goose.

One thing about me that most people don't understand is I hate chocolate and I also don't like peanut butter. My favorite snack is any type of sour candy. Every Easter i have my mom get me sour candy instead of chocolate. LOL

I really love spicy foods also, like that all I ever eat. If its not spicy to me I just add franks red hot sauce. I also like to snack on spicy chips because they are the best.

My Three Goals

1. My first goal is to graduate and past this year. I'm able to accomplish that by not goofing off this year and doing all my work like i'm suppose to.

2. My second goal is to get a better paying job soon. I'm able to accomplish this goal by applying at better paying jobs or just better jobs in general. Also by being a good hard worker.

3. My third goal is to either go to college or into the military. I'm able to accomplish this last goal by getting good grades and getting excepted into a good college, but if that don't happen then i'm going to the military.


I would love to go to Montana... I really love nature and I think that this place would be amazing to go because of all the different wildlife. I also am obsess with hunting and there are trophy buck that live there actually some of the biggest deer in the world. But most of all is because its a beautiful relaxing state.  

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