all about me

Hello my name is Hayes and I will tell you about me.

My favorite color is red and pink. My friend are Gage, Evan and Aden. My favorite sport is football and basketball. My teacher is Mrs.Cullen she is amazing! My birthday is December 17th. My favorite video game is Minecraft and hill climb. My favorite you tuber is StampeyLongnose and Dantdm. My favorite TV shows are ninjago and Teen Titans go. My favorite titan on Teen Titans go is Beast boy and Cyborg. My favorite toys are Lego's and more Lego's. My favorite music is animals. My favorite number is 5. My favorite animal's are tiger and alligators.My favorite food's are hot dogs,chili dogs,fries and pizza.

This is all of my favorite's thank you for reading this tackk. THE END!!!!!