Movie Poster Review

I overall think the movie poster is very good and well illustrated. The poster has 2 large pictures on it both representing a different scene from the film it looks like. The text is very large and bold and has a nice font. The text color is also a good choice because it almost looks gold and it glistens like sun is shining in it. I think it gives a pretty self explanatory idea of what the movie is about and gives an iconic image of the character in the movie ( Jesus ). The movie grabs my attention and shows an image on the bottom of a fight or battle that makes it definitely grab my attention. In the upper left area it shows a picture of the famous sight of the Crucifixion of Christ which depicts something that I think is going to happen in the film. In the middle it has a quote that says "Their Empire. His Kingdom" this makes me think of a controversy of who controls the Kingdom/Empire in the film and also grabs the viewers attention even more.

Movie Trailer Evaluation

The movie trailer was well put together and included lots of different scenes from the film that can easily catch the audience's attention. The beginning of the trailer used scenes from the start of the movie which set up the story line and gave a clue to what the film is actually about. The trailer is mainly directed to people who like action movies and people who are supporters of the military. The clips that show that are right at the beginning of the trailer where it says "THE CHARACTERS IN THIS FILM ARE PORTRAYED BY ACTIVE DUTY U.S. NAVY SEALS", "THE STORY IS FICTIONAL BUT THE WEAPONS AND TACTICS ARE REAL." It also says that it was based on Real Navy Seal missions and shows multiple action scenes from HALO jumps out of airplanes to war time action. The trailer teases the plot line very well but does not show the climax of the movie nor give away a lot about the film. It does show a scene for the climax but you would have to watch the movie to know what it is because it is a plot twist. You can definitely tell by watching the trailer that it depicts an action packed war time movie. All in all the trailer was good.

Top 3 Movie Marketing Strategies

1. T.V. appearances by actors. The reason I think this is because they can answer questions that the audience may have about the movie and give some details about what to expect from the film without giving away the plot line. I believe it also gives the movie a better chance at getting recognized because the actors are going out talking about the movie with T.V. hosts and people in audiences that may not have heard about the movie before and that's one more person who will be talking about it with someone.

2. Billboards on major highways : I believe billboards are a must. The reason I think this is because think about how many people drive on major highways and freeways to get to work and such. That's a lot of people that will learn about the movie and they will talk to their friends and family to tell them about the movie coming out and they will tell people from there.

3. Movie website: Movie websites give the upcoming movie viewers a chance to interact with other people that are going to see the movie. They can talk to others in chat forums and talk about different topics about the film and gain more insight and a bigger idea of what the film is about. Another thing is being able to pre-order tickets for the film and you might be able to even get them for a discount. There could be mini documentaries with actors about the movie and bloopers filming it.

Artists signing with major labels?

I think artists continue to sign with major labels because of popularity. A lot of people know about the different record labels such as Young Money, Rostrum Records, Pacific Records and the list goes on and on. The bigger the record company the easier it would be for the artist to get recognized and potentially get more fans. The more fans an artists has essentially the more money they can make and the more merchandise they can sell. Another thing is connections, when artists are signed with bigger record labels it opens so many doors for the artist. By connections I mean if a big record deal comes knocking on a lot of the media outlets are not going to hesitate to let them in. So many popular record labels have been in the business for a long time and essentially have long established connections that will help them in the future.

Amusement Park Website

I think the website was effective because it was very easy to navigate through and was set up very nice. It showed a lot of pictures on the main screen of people on rides smiling and just having a good time. Their pricing strategy is very persuasive because the prices seem evidently cheap because a season pass is "As low as $54.99". I believe it's pretty effective because you would think a season pass to an amusement park would be at least 100 dollars. They also sell discount group tickets online and that would be effective to draw in customers to buy more tickets so they could go as a group of friends or family. The most attractive attraction is "Hurricane Harbor" it is a new water park coming this year. It is a 38,000-square-foot wave pool that mimics the effects of ocean surf with a state of the art wave pool that produces waves up to four feet high. The cool thing about this is that admission if free as long as you payed to get into the amusement park so everyone can enjoy splashing and relaxing in the water. I can't really find anything negative about the park except that it closes fairly early. The positives about the park is that it consists of a lot of action thrilled rides and a huge water park. Also the cost is fairly cheap to get in compared to a lot of places.

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