The moon's important
                         Cameron Ransom
                               4th hour

The moon's role

the moon is important because it light up the ground at night. Another reason it is important is because we have tides because of it. Another reason why is because the phases of the moon cause eclipse. Another reason why the moon is important is because the phase tell us how far into a month we are. that is why the moon is important.

Moon phases

the moon phases are important. They are important because the cause eclipse. The phases affect earth because they light up earth at night. Another reason is because the cause tides. that is why tides are important.


the type of tides is neap tides and spring tides. the tides acoure because the moon and sun are pulling on the Earth. the tides affect the earth because if we didn't have tides we wouldn't be able to make some of our energy. another reason why tides are important is because the sea would only be the same depth. that is why the tides are impontant for earth


the type of eclipses we have is solar eclipse, partial eclipses, annular eclipses, hyprid eclipses. the tydes accoure because the lining of the moon blocking out the sun. or the aligning of the earth so that the earth blocks out the moon. eclipses have effect on earth because they make the wind die down. another reason why they affect earth is because it makes a dark spot on earth.

if the moon was not there what would happen? if we didn't have the moon we would only have half the tides. the ocean would not get any deeper than what it is. we would not have eclipses. nights would be much darker than what they are right now.

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