The best hunting life!!

Caleb Robl

One day there was a boy named Colton who wanted to go hunting and he asked his dad every day if he could go but his dad never seemed to have the time! But he kept asking but he never did and the years pasted! One day when he was married and he 1 kid named Gage and could make his own choices he bought a gun and when his son was in middle school they went hunting every weekend! Gage had deer sheds and feathers hanging all over his room!! Colton was glad that his son loved what he loved to do... HUNTING! They also went fishing and set traps and farmed but they loved hunting the best!!

When Gage was in high school he had a brother and his name was Jason! When Jason was in middle school they all three went hunting!! One day when Jason was in 8th grade they all went on a hunting trip for 4 days! They set traps and fished and hunted and rode the four wheeler!

But one morning Jason went off by himself to check the traps and he caught his foot in one and cut his foot really badly but he went by himself so his dad or brother don't know where he is so he is alone with a cut foot! When the dad woke up and realized that Jason was gone he woke up Gage and the got there guns and went off looking for Jason! They looked for an hour and finally Gage found him and Colton the dad came over and he saw whet had happened and they packed up and went home and Jason went to the hospital and his foot healed up In a few months but he had a huge scar on the side of his foot!! After that Jason never went out away without a partner!!

It was about thanksgiving after that so they went to get a turkey! Jason got a big one!! They brought it home and Jason was proud off himself and everyone complemented him!! They all said that it was the best turkey they had ever tasted. They also had mashed potatoes and corn and a bunch of other sidings and for dessert they had Oreo casserole!!

Next it was Christmas and Jason wanted a golden retriever the most and Gage wanted a new gun! They asked and asked and the weekend pasted and finally it was Christmas Eve night the went to the church service and the next morning when they were all opening presents Colton told Jason to go outside and when he did he saw a GOLDEN RETRIEVER!! He went crazy! And Gage got a new rifle! Jason and Gage have been savoy there money and they got Colton a new trap set! That night Colton was about to fall asleep and he was thinking about how he went from a begging kid to a successful family!

Then the next day Colton went to his dad's house and spent Christmas with them and they talked about hunting! Colton invited his dad to go hunting with them and they laughed and he agreed to go and they had a lot of fun spending time together! THE END😊

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