Criminal vs Civil Law

Jasmine Lucas

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Interview questions

Tanika Lucas— district attorney

    · Major political science

    · Worked with local lawyer

    · Graduated law school

    · Worked in DA office

    · 9years

Civil Lawyers--

Purpose- 2 parties disagreement, suing

Punishments (outcomes, consequences)- seeking… death (sueing) monetary damages, person pays, lost of medical licenses, small claims ( pay fees), whatever is asked for what you get

How many cases a year- Nash county--- unknown—thousands


Other—jury duty (2 years) 18 years of age, paid 12 bucks a day

No show---WILL find

Computer generated (draws for trial)

Criminal Lawyers--

Purpose- common or statue, property

Cases- can’t always appeal

Punishments/consequences- structured sentences. Every crime is a certain class. Community, Intermediate-probation/jail time, active-jail time

Other—jury duty (same)

--Mediation (2 teens fight- no real consequences but worked out—community service) 60 bucks

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