Political Problems faced by Latin America

Sheetal, Alex, Beth

Liberal constitution for Mexico.

Mexico after the revolution of 1910-1920

Overthrowing elite and foreign economic control

Liberal constitution of 1917 guaranteed land and liberty to Mexico

Subsoil assets claimed by Mexican government

Redistribution of land to peasants by government legalized

Also incorporated reformist social laws and guaranteed civil liberties.

Land redistribution reached peak at presidency of Lazaro Cardena.

After 1930s, conservative governments dominated by Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)Ruled harshly and experimented with various economic markets. Came under attack in 1990s as Mexican peasants in Chiapas district protested their political oppression. Opposition party: PDR(Democratic).

Argentina: return to military rule

Expansive economy due to the agriculture.

Remained independent from U.S. control

Leader of Latin American struggle against U.S. and European intervention

Gradual shift to free elections, but often reverted to military rulers

Militarist Juan Peron, a colonel in the military,  was elected president, 1946; immensely popular

His wife, Eva Peron, was national heroine for her service to the poor. Very influential political leader

Peron ousted in 1955; three decades of military dictators followed

Late 1970s, death squads conducted "dirty war" against dissidents which intensified the economic disasters  and growth of lower classes.

Eva Peron, the influential political leader

Cuba and Nicaragua

Had diverse political options like the establishment of socialism  and communism.

These nations continue to seek for independence and stability.  from foreign influence.

Kahoot questions

1. What were the two countries that faced political problems in Latin Americas?

2. Who was Eva Peron?

3. How did Argentina have an expansive economy?

4. Which was one of the points that the Liberal Constitution had?

5.  What was the name of the party that opposed the PRI?

6. During which presidency did the land redistribution reach peak?

7. What happened after Peron was dethroned

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