Ice-Man Otzi

A 5,300 year-old hominid is almost perfectly frozen in time.

A picture of the titular Otzi,who's corpse is 5,300 years old.

A video on the speculative life of the Ice-Man, such as how he hunted,lived,ate,and socialized.

Audio describing the discovery and studying of Otzi.


Otzi:the Ice-Man of the Ages

On a cold 1991 day in the Otzal Alps, a group of German hikers made a discovery that would shock the anthropological world to its roots.

   Otzi is a 5,300 year old hominid,whose muscles and bones were perfectly preserved by the perfect seasonal balance in the Alps.After being discovered in 1991,scientists have continually studied his genetic and skeletomuscular make-up.They have discovered so much information from this miniscule part of history,and with more time, they might be able to find more.

The odds are ever NOT in their favor.

With new developing technologies,anthropologists have been able to broaden their search of information pertaining to Otzi.They have used x-rays and employed radiologists to determine the diet and genetic/musculoskeletal make-up of Otzi.  They have compared artifacts from his relative era to make an educated guess as to what would occur in a day in the basic life of Otzi.Unfortunately,with time catching up,scientists and anthropologists might soon lose their opportunity to study the Iceman for good.Otzi was only preserved because of the Alps balanced seasonal climate,and sooner or later,those people who are studying Otzi will lose that opportunity for discovery.With time,Otzi's skin and bone will deteriorate,and the odds will be Not in their favor.

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