Teenage Delinquency

In 1950's society, teenage delinquency was a very common thing which involved teenagers of the time constantly breaking the rules that were enforced for them and their safety. A delinquent was anyone that broke these rules and were doing what they wanted which worried parents all around the world. J.D Salinger represents teenage delinquency in the text by using certain characteristics that are shown throughout the text. Holden Caulfield who is the main character is a teenage delinquent as he is one that is constantly drinking, smoking and swearing. In the text the use of "goddam", "sonuvabitch", "what the hell's" is used very frequently for example , "But I wouldn’t visit that sonuvabitch Morrow for all the dough on the world, even if I was desperate". This shows us that Holden was a person that used words to express his anger and was one to stick to his words. However, the idea of teenage delinquency is challenged in this text as towards the end, as when Holden visits his sister Phoebe at her school , he finds that people have sprayed graffiti that said "fuck you" on the walls which brings out extreme anger in Holden. This is the use of characterisation that the author J.D Salinger has including to prove the fact that not all teenagers agreed with things like this and to provoke the audience's feelings and make them feel the same way as Holden does as this is disrespectful to many.

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