Nicaragua is located in Central America, it is between Honduras and Costa Rica. Its capital is Managua.

Nicaragua is a warm climate country.

It was founded by Conquistador Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. He founded two major cities in Nicaragua. Granada on lake Nicaragua was the first major city he had founded. It was followed by León, on lake Managua.

Nicaragua has religious freedom, so there is no main religion. However, the largest religion is Roman Catholic. However they have been declining while Buddhism is increasing.

The currency is the Córdoba which is equivalent to .038 of a United States dollar. It is one of the poorest countries among the Americas. Nicaragua is primarily an agriculture economy, which yields 300 million USD.  However it has been declining since 1985.

Nicaraguas main language is Nicaraguan Spanish. They have a tendancy of replacing the "s" sound with an "h" sound.

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