The Effect of Certain Drugs on Drug Dogs

Can drug dogs get affected by the drugs that they end up sniffing out?


Dogs usually end up getting marijuana in their system from ingesting the cigarettes, dried leaves or leftover baked products containing marijuana. The toxicity is low, it takes 1.5g per pound of the dogs body weight to be fatal. They commonly end up becoming uncoordinated, they stumble, and quite lethargic. Sometimes, the dogs can also begin having hallucinations. The dogs recover around 24 hours from ingestion of marijuana.  


Dogs usually get cocaine in their system by ingesting the cocaine or they sniff residue. Cocaine usually leaves the system around 4-6 hours from ingestion. The lethal dose of cocaine in dogs is 25 mg per pound of body weight. Dogs exposed to cocaine end up having intermittent hyperactivity followed by profound lethargy. Some dogs may even develop seizures. Vomiting doesn't help, because cocaine is so rapidly absorbed. Depending on the severity of illness, amount ingested and time lapsed before treatment, some pets exposed to cocaine do not survive.

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