Meditation Swag

Qumeer Brown 1/17/14 Core 1
One of the meditation things we did was we laid down and you talked to us and how we were in a garden and we were planting all our good things and threw our bad things in a silver lake that we couldn't see. I felt like that all happened with us walking around and planting seeds. Another activity we did was we sat and breathed in through our nose and out through our mouth. It felt very relaxing and i was able to have peace in my mind and wasn't thinking of anything. The last meditation activity we did was we laid down and listened to a woman tell us about how a wave was going through our body. I fell asleep so it worked on me and I couldn't move my arms when they got there it was very soothing.

At first I thought meditation was going to be boring and I thought it wasn't going to work. When we were doing meditation it was actually pretty interesting and it worked. I would try meditation on my because if i were upset or mad i could meditate to get rid of all the pain in my body.

Meditation- A way to find inner peace

Mantra- A word that soothes your mouth or body when you repeat it.

Deep Breathing- Breathing in and out to soothe your mind.

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