Oil Spill Project

The area of the oil spill that I got was 20,591.125 miles. The way I got this was by finding the area of the whole ocean with and without the oil spill, then I found just the part that didn't have the oil spill, then added all the measurements up and subtracted that number (the one after I added them all up) with the area of the whole ocean to get my answer of 20,591.125.

Ways to help the oil spill:

1.  leave it alone and let it naturally break down

2. a lot of metallic soap

Question 1:    I don't think that my area is exactly correct, but I think that it is more correct instead of just trying to find the area of the inside, because I decided to do the outside of the oil spill and then minus it by they whole ocean.

Question 2:    I think that mine is more accurate than if I just did the inside because you can't get in all the spaces.  And compared to the actual oil sill, I think that the area I got is probably a little less, because 1 cm. was only like 15 miles.

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