Cowboys Legends

His birth name is Blue Duck. He was a outlaw and he was born on 1858 and he died May 7, 1895 and he died by tuberculosis. He had married Belle Starr. He didn't have no kids in life. He was a outlaw which means he was a bad man. No he wasn't know for being in a gang. all i know he rob bank and kill people. i like him because he was a outlaw and he went to jail for life. His wife was a outlaw too. To me i guess he grow up being bad thats why he became a outlaw .On June 23, 1884, while riding drunk in the Flint District of the Cherokee Nation, and in the company of outlaw William Christie, the two men came upon a farmer named Samuel Wyrick. For no apparent reason, the two outlaws opened fire on the farmer, emptying their revolvers  into him, killing him. They then reloaded and fired on a young Cherokee boy who'd witnessed the murder, missing him but shooting his horse from beneath him. Both he and Christie were captured by Deputy US Marshal Frank Cochran , and taken before Judge isaac Parker , known as the "Hanging Judge", in Fort Smith Arkansas. He died shortly thereafter in Catoosa, Oklahoma  where he is buried.

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