Nikola Tesla

By Ian Brannon

Nikola Tesla was born in July 1856 in Serbia. His Mother Djuka Mandic who invented small household appliances encouraged her sons innovative nature, While his Father Milutin Tesla, an orthodox priest and Writer encouraged Nikola to join the priesthood. Lucky for us he didn't.  

Tesla's Inventions changed everything. His most notable achievement was alternating current. But he had many other achievements aside from that, such as the induction motor, the remote control, the tesla coil, and the first Radio.

Wardenclyffe Tower

Sadly, most of teslas projects were never Completed such as the "Wardenclyffe Tower" depicted above. Nikola was attempting to tap into the earths own energy, and supply it to the people all around the world free of charge. The idea was that he could capture, and tame the earths magnetic fields, as well as the collective movement of the earth as a source of energy. But Lack of funding led to the Wardenclyffe Tower being deemed less important, and never completed. in 1917 it was destroyed as ordered by the U.S Government via Dynamite. Later that year the rubble was removed by the Smiley Steel Company..

Tesla was by far the most advanced mind of his time, Einstein originally hired tesla in his laboratory. After Tesla came up with Alternating Current, A superior to Direct Current, the war began. The Dynamic duo split. Albert Einstein knew the flaws in direct current, but he was convinced he could strike it rich. He began to slander Tesla, and his Alternating current; saying it was "Dangerous in homes"

A Truly Shocking Elephant

Tesla is not as remembered as he should of been. most people thought he was crazy, some thought of him as a futurist. Thousands of Tesla's plan, notes, and research papers were never found when he was found dead. Tesla lived a hard, humble life, and strived for the bettering of human kind. He never got to finish some of his most important experiments. But just imagine if he did...  

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