Jazmyne Wilson

7e    digital editing

when there is a group of living things working to a common goal it can be described as teamwork.

when I was editing my photo I used Pixlr. I started off with cropping away the border then added some light paint and blured the corners.

with my original skydiving photo I would say that it is brave and its teamwork, because to jump out of a plane you have to pretty brave and then to do it all as a group is teamwork because your cooperating with others.

with this edited photo I would say its one of my best because I used a lot of different tools that goes really well together. I used contrast, lines, blur and borders.

I chose this photo because I like how the big dog is helping the cat get a drink of water, so the big dog is putting the other cat before him.

All I did in this photo was simple, I blurred the top and bottom, I enhanced the contrast and vibrance, changed the colour slightly and just put the word teamwork.

this is my original photo, I didn't really like how it looked. But I then thought maybe if I changed a few things I would.

I changed a few things like the contrast volume, the colour, I blurred the top and bottom, I added the word teamwork and I added some water lines.

Now I like how the photo looks.

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