Bullets and Ballots Outline

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I like to call this one "My Life" dedicated to my alarm clock, sorry I abuse you

What Groups are Involved, Who had the Power?

US, Army & Wealthy, Gorillas, Peasants, and Government.

No one really had the power the whole time, it always moved. Army and Wealthy started with the most MSU's (most power) but that quickly shifted to the government, which also didn't stay. I'm pretty sure every group had the most MSU's at least once. Power never stays long, it's just a matter of time.

How the Balance Shifted and Why?

The balance shifted by power, people, and ability. At some points some groups had more people than other groups, it was usually only dangerous if one group had all the brains. When a group has someone with strong interest in the game that group will have more desire and determination which provided more ability for the group. Power shifting was mostly caused by decisions, cause and effect. If a group has the ability to make beneficial decisions the power will most likely shift or stay with that group. Bad decisions cause shifting of power.

How was Cooperation and Conflict Shown?

This was shown in the game many different ways including the refusal of signatures. When too many people refused to sign a document, instead of harassing the person to sign it, they modified their treaties to the signers liking. It was also shown when group  members were silenced because they didn't just pout and act trapped in a cage, they still continued to contribute and stayed interested. Though things weren't going their way, they still proved to be a factor.

What Role did the US Play?

Everyone has that one 'friend' that thinks they know best, that's basically the US. They always think they have it all planned out and basically portray themselves as better than every other group. The US went around trying to convince other groups that their own ideas were better, which they successfully did and then they basically took control over every group. So I guess I'm glad I live in the US because I bet that's not far from the real truth.


I didn't really enjoy having to answer this question( I didn't enjoy answering any of these, this one especially) "What role did the US have on the simulation?"because the US didn't just play one role, and someone couldn't really say that the US had a specific role because it constantly changed. Although i did give the US an overall role, in my opinion the US played "The Godfather" in this one. Most people would think I don't know what I'm talking about, because it seems like a child's answer(though i am still a kid), but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Everyone knows the Godfather, everyone hates him(and if they don't hate him they secretly wish they were him) ,and he has all the power and intimidation. That description right there sounds like it came out of the dictionary right under , United States. Unlike a characteristic of the godfather, the US does not send out hit men to make problems "go away". That would be under 'Russia'.

What Happens to a Country When Power Shifts?
When power shifts a country has no other option but to adapt to that shift. Since we are not talking about a specific power shift you can't know for sure if it's effect will be negative or positive because it varies. The answer to this question depends on the person to whom the question is being asked. If you ask the US what we thought about being in power we would say we were all for it, but if you asked Russia what they thought of the US being the most powerful nation they would be opposed. And if you asked Putin why he hasn't made Russia the most powerful nation in the world you would probably die in a tragic "accidental plane crash" not too long after. Nobody thinks the same, everyone has their own opinion.Anyone can view a power shift as negative or positive it just depends on if you look at the glass half full or half empty. There is always a little good in something bad although it never seems to show itself as easily as you might want. You just have to find it.

Relation To My Life?

The easiest way I can look at this and relate it to my life is the power held between my mom and dad. The way I see it my dad is the one to be most afraid of when i get in big trouble but that doesn't mean he has the most power that just means he's most intimidating. My mom on the other hand isn't as intimidating but she always pulls the "I'm disappointed in you"and sometimes that's worse than the classic dad,"I'm going to yell at you and say the same things over and over again and get madder and madder, and when I stutter or mess up my words you just have to sit there and act like you aren't trying your hardest not to laugh." Pure torture.
The power position of my parents depends on the topic of the matter, who hears about it first, the day, even what time during the day. My dad works in Boston so if it's big enough of a deal you wait till he gets home (that's the worst) but if it's small my mom takes care of it. Some days my dad is away for business so during that time my mom holds all the power. If I play a real bad game, afterwards I usually hear from my dad, but if I didn't do so good on a test i usually hear it from my mom. Power is constantly shifting among them, it's never predictable. I think of the opportunity of trouble as gambling, if you put too much out there it could ruin you, and you never know in whose favor it will fall.



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