Science Investigation 2

By, Louise d.

Energy Efficent Homes

A building being built needs to have things built in it to reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating. These things can help mean that the air con is not on all the time and so is the heater.

The things you can install into the house to make it less hot or cool are;*Having deciduous trees and bushes in front of north-facing windows (that is trees that loose their leaves in winter so the house stays warm in winter and cool in summer)*Having the house on stilts (to help with circulation under the house, cooling it and also for floods)*Having lots of ways for air to escape and high ceilings (circulation)*Having insulators that contain air that is restricted from moving like wool, feathers and animal fur*Having cavity bricks (bricks that are porous and can aid in circulation)*Installing double glazed windows.
A building needs to have electricity efficiency as well. It needs to use green ways to get it's power, it could use solar power, windmills,atomic bombs (no, don't use that) and many others. However, solar power is the best. Solar power is where sunlight is transferred into electricity, as energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, to power small appliances, like calculators, larger things, like houses, and even entire towns.

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