Pre- Trip Sentiments

As I slowly gather my belongings and check off one by one items from my extensive packing list, my emotions have been set through a whirlwind. I have been dreaming of studying abroad ever since I found out it was an option. I have always enjoyed traveling and particularly love meeting new people, learning about the culture, and trying new foods of course! I have been to a few different countries outside the US but never to Europe.

As soon as I found out I was going to Ireland, not only did I freak out, but I began looking up all there was to know about the culture, way of life, and traditions of the Irish people. I have already started making a "Bucket List" including singing kareoke in an Irish Pub, traveling to Italy for authentic ravioli, and Spain to see my roommate Paige! As much as I want to travel around Europe while I can, I also want to get to know Ireland as well. There are so many hidden gems in Ireland if you are willing to look for them! My friends and I have already discussed how we want to discover the different towns for ourselves and we all agree not too many museums (No billy bob experiences). I want to experience the sights, sounds and smells and be in the beauty of nature.

I have also set up a budget for myself because I am a thrifty girl (sometimes) and I want to spend money where it most counts: pubs and traveling. Yes yes I will go to class for the most part, and study about the ancient history of Ireland -- all while taking in the local air and meeting tons of new people!

Now that everything is in place, the tickets are bought and all the arrangements are finalized I realize that this is finally happening.However I don't think I will fully set in until I step off the plane on Tuesday morning! I will be living and going to college in a completely foreign country for almost 5 months. I am planning on being open to whatever God has in store for me during this journey and I will be sure to keep everyone updated on all my adventures through the semester!!

Peace & Blessins,