Aztec Warfare

By: Mitchell, and Tyrell

The Aztec warfare concerns the aspects of associated with the militaristic conventions, forces, weaponry and strategic expansions. The Aztec armed forces were typically composed of a large number of commoners. Every Aztec male received basic military training from an early age.

In Aztec warfare there are two main objectives. The first objective was political: the subjugation of enemy city states in order to exact tribute and expand Aztec political hegemony. The second objective was religious and socioeconomic: the taking of prisoners to be used in sacrifice ceremonies. The captives they took lived in small houses called malcalli’s. These two objectives also influenced the kind of warfare the Aztecs practiced.

The first action of a ruler election was always to stage a military campaign which had served the two purposes as showing his ability as a true warrior and though make it clear to subject polities that his rule would be as tough on any rebellious conduct as that of his predecessor, and to provide very good captives.

A failed coronation campaign was seen as an extremely bad omen for the rule of a Tlatoani and could lead to rebellions of city states subjected by earlier rulers and to the Aztec nobility distrusting his ability to rule.


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