"Today on CNN news, another bank heist, the third one this week." That's the kind of stuff you would be hearing on a daily basis if we didn't have good people in the world. This goes to show that we need good people in our world to keep the violence levels down, and good people create a safer feeling environment.

We need good people in our world to keep the violence levels down. If everyone was evil then there would always be crimes being committed. I mean think about it, without good people then our would always be in chaos.

In addition, good people create a sense of security. For example, seeing a cop while walking home at night will make you feel safer and more protected. A good person is someone who does the right thing, and keeps others safe.

However good people cannot control the actions of others. For instance, officers may be guarding a bank, but they can't control if a person robs the bank. They may try their best to prevent this crime from occurring, but they can't always stop it.

So overall, the world is a safer place with good people. Good people keep the laymen at ease, and the crime rates low. Good people are needed in our world.