By:Mark Robinson    Blooms Taxonomy

  Skyscrapers are supported by the underground substructure. The center support is called the steel skeleton, metal beams are held end to end to create vertical columns at each floor level. These columns are connected with horizontal large steel beams. Many buildings also have diagonal beams running between large steel beams, for extra support.

             The common materials used to create the base of a Skyscraper is usually steel beams, steel, concrete, girders, iron, iron beams, and concentrated reinforced concrete

  There are many materials used to make bridges, here are a couple. Some materials used to build bridges are girders, natural stone, reinforced steel, stone, clinker and brick, reinforced and pressurized concrete and timber. Steel is used for the base of the bridge to hold it up and it holds hundreds of tons.

  The difference between a Architetect and a Engineer, there is a pretty big difference. An Architect is responsible for creating and designing a bridge for example, they have to make sure there is anough support to hold up the bridge. The Engineer makes sure that that the support is possible, so if the Architect wants it to be pressureized concrete the support might have to be reinforced pressurized concrete or reinforced steel? So he needs to se if it will collapse or not or if its possible to construct.

   Bridges stay up by 3 different main disigns of Architecture. One of them is the beam disign, there are multiple beams that put support to the bridge. The beam disign is the most basic disign of the three. The second disign is the Arch has abutmants that support it. The shape of the Arch has compression and tension and it does it both naturaly. The third structure is the Suspension Bridge. All bridge disigns have to face the force of gravity, tension, and compression. Tension is the force that pushes things apart, compression is the force where it pulls things together. If the tension is to strong the bridge collaps and if the compression is to big the bridge collapes to.