Medgar Evers

"You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea"

     Medgar Evers was born on July 2 1925 in Decatur Mississippi. In 1954 he was the first field secretary of the Mississippi NAACP. Medgar Evers helped with the Emittet Till case in 1955. He was also famous for the famous for the Brown v. Board of Education, because of his high profile with the NAACP he received numerous threats and they even bombed his house. His wife Myrile Beasley and there three kids Pawell, Recha, and James were all endangered. Then one day Megdaar Evers was getting out of his car on June 12, 1965 Medgear Evers was shot in his head by Byron De La Beckwith. He was rushed to the hospital and died three hours later.

     I think that Medgar Evers was on of the most brave civil right leader. After all the threats he received he still did not stop I what he believed in. I don't think he got as much reconmendation as he should have. He attended Alcorn College and there was a statue that represented his bravery and courarge.

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