Stephen F. Austin University
By : Meghna Sharda

School Location, Mascots, And Traditions.

The location of Stephen F. Austin University is Nacogdoches, Texas. Their mascots are the Lumberjacks and Ladyjacks. There are many school traditions, here are a few of them:

  • Purple and white are their colors.
  • They have two songs that they sing.
  • One is ''All Hail to SFA''
  • The second one is the ''Fight Song''
  • ''The SFA Ring'' is about when the students receive a ring in a ceremony Called the '' Big Dip.'' The ring signifies one of the last steps to the ''Alumni-Hood'' as the student get their hand dipped in purple paint. Then they are presented with a mentor ring
  • The Chief Caddo Trophy- It is 7 feet, 6 inches in height and weighs over 320 pounds! It's the largest symbol passed between NCAA universities in the nation. This statue is awarded annually to the winner of the Lumberjack - Demon Contest.

Tuition, housing, and meal plans.

The tuition in state is $8,772, while the tuition out of state is $19632.  So as you can see the price is lower in state than out.  The housing cost for both in and out state is $3,083. The best meal plan to choose is the 14 meals in 7 days.

The Sport Programs.

The sport programs for men are Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, and Track. The spot programs for women are Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track, and Volleyball. As you can see Stephen F. Austin has good sport programs for both men and woman.

The Student Activities.

There are many clubs at Stephen F. Austin here are a few:

  • The Judo Club
  • The Writers Club
  • The Students For Environmental Awareness Club.
  • The Rodeo Club
  • The Swimming Club
  • The Water Sports Club
  • The National Art Education Association Club

So as you can see Stephen F. Austin has very good clubs, but these aren't all of the clubs! There are many, many, many, more!!

Enrollment and Requirements

Stephen F. Austin Enrolls 12,954 students per year. Stephen F. Austin only let students who match the enrollment requirements exactly. Here are the enrollment requirements:

  • You need to have 1500 out of 2400 of a score on your SAT test ( This score  requirement also includes the writing test.)
  • On your ACT the average score on each test you need is: 18 on English, 22 on Math, and 24 on science.
  • The GPA can vary.

On Campus Amenities/Facilities

In Stephen F. Austin you have a mini refrigerator in each room. Plus a coin less laundry. The school is 4 story with no elevator. It also has a community kitchen and a ping-pong table.

So as you can see Stephen F. Austin University is a good college to go to. Stephen F. Austin hosts many festivities and has awesome traditions every year!!!!

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