Nelson Mendela

Tyler Brice
Mrs. Bailey
1st Period

Birth and Childhood

Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in Mvezo South Africa.

In 1938 he attends a college in fort hare

First Marriage in 1944, Forms the A.N.C. Youth League

In 1952 Mandela Starts Law Practice

On December 5, 1956 Mandela gets arrested on treason charges

On March 29, 1961 he is acquitted of treason

December 16, 1961 Mandela Helps Form Guerrilla Army

August 5, 1962 Mandela Arrested Again

June 12, 1964 Mandela sentenced to life in prison for apartheid

December 7, 1988 he is moved to another prison

August 15, 1989 New President Pledges to Phase Out Apartheid

Mandela freed from prison February 11, 1990

October 15, 1993 Mandela and de Klerk Share Nobel

April 27, 1994 A.N.C. Wins Majority in Election; Mandela Becomes President

May 10, 1994 A.N.C. Mandela swears in

June 4, 1995 Reconciliation Through Rugby

June 1, 2004 Retires From the Public Eye

2013 Mandela dies at age of 95

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