Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive writing

Do you think that normal civilians should be allowed to travel into space? I don't. Space travel should be used for more important things, and it would be really hard for civilian to go to space. Most people think that space would be great, but sometimes it isn't.

Space should be used by scientists to collect information about our galaxy, not for civilians to have fun. With all the money that goes into it, the travel should serve a good purpose, not just wasting money for a few people to have some fun. Civilian space travel would take away from the finding of valuable information that could help us later.

Another reason why space travel shouldn't be allowed for civilians is all of the tough training that they have to undergo. Many people wouldn't be able to get through, and they might change their mind about space. Also they might have already paid, so they could lose all that money. The training could be really long, and it might make them sick, or put them in pain. In the end, the training is really tough, and it could take a very long time.

Many people who agree with the idea of sending civilians into space don't know what it's really like up there. They think that it is just really fun and safe, but it's not. If something goes wrong, it can become really dangerous and not fun. The civilians could do something wrong or accidentally touch a button and then they're in danger. Even after something bad happens, a civilian would not know how to fix whatever happened, and then they would be in even more danger. If you don't know what you are doing, you could put your life, or the lives of others at risk.

This proves why I think that civilians should not be allowed in space. Space should be used to find information. Certain people might not be able to get through the tough and long training. Finally, space can be fun, but if you don't know what your doing, it can be very dangerous.

By: Dan Doherty

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